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Atelier Amanojaku is a team of fursuit makers located in Nagoya, Japan. We are proud to offer quality fursuits since 2010, and we put our love and commitment into each adorable, custom-made suit we produce!

Wherever you are located in the world, we would love to work with you to make your character come to life! We accept commissions from all foreign countries and ship to any destination.

Visit our gallery to check latest works (Japanese page).

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How to place an order

Would you like to place an order? First thing you'll need to do is get a price estimate. For a quote, please use the Email Form at the bottom of the page, or use our Quote Request Form.

Do you have an idea for a fursuit, but aren't quite sure what you'd like? Do you have concept art or other reference pictures you would like us to work from? No problem! We would love to hear from you here at Atelier Amanojaku! All you have to do is contact us and say hello!

Estimated date of delivery

If you order a fullsuit now, date of delivery will be Nov 2024.
(129 items are pending/in progress)


The price of our fursuits depends on your order. We are also available to do partial suits. Full payment must be received before we delivery your suit.

Our preferred method of payment is through Paypal. We also accept the number of times to pay, up to 12-times. (Interest rates are free.)


We always love to hear from our fans, commissioners, and potential clients! If you would like us to quote price estimate or answer your questions, please contact us at customer-en@atoama.jp. You can use the Email Form as well!

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If you want to write to us, send to our address below.

2-15, Obari, Meitou-ku
Nagoya, Aichi, 465-0064

(Mr.)Yuki Nakayama

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